Utility and Essential Services of Khopoli

Utility and Essential Services of Khopoli

In the Raigad district of Maharashtra, almost 80 kilo meters from Mumbai stands the beautiful Khopoli town. The place is a part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region and is a sub urban town with a proper Municipal Council. Many factories and modern plant set ups are present in this area, which in turn is creating good employment opportunities. With more employment opportunities, this district has seen a continuous growth of the local population.

Thus the demand for variety of utility services is constantly on an upward curve to support the daily chores of every family. Round the clock utilities like ATM, 24 hour pharmacies, on call cab services, emergency hospitals, fire service, media presence etc. are very necessary for aiding both the residents and non-resident population. Moreover hundreds of business travellers from nearby cities and tourists visit Khopoli quite often. Thus essential services have become more and more important and are a priority for the local administration.

Healthcare Services in Khopoli

The Maharashtra government had always remained a forerunner in medical facilities within the state. Since early 50s, the state government medical organisation had been set up to provide equal health care services to all the strata of the society. This had helped Khopoli with a government aided mobile health units and medical camps. Khopoli doesn’t have its own government hospital and has to depend on the Civil Hospital in Alibag, which is the only government hospital of Raigad district.

There is a Primary Health Centre and a Family Planning Centre, both for the deprived section of the society. Many a time free health check-up programs are held in these centres for the residents. With industrial revolution Khopoli also has got many multi speciality modern hospitals, clinics, pathological labs and medical stores inside the town. Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Sumitraraj Hospital, Jakhotia Nursing Home, Suprama Hospital, Dr. Talathi Nursing Home, Kulkarni Nursing Home and Vidya-Prabha Hospital are the names of the best private healthcare service available in Khopoli.

Banking Services in Khopoli

To sustain a healthy economy in any place banks are essential. Banks also provide one of the main essential services for the residents of any place. They provide the most secured and dependable institution for the safekeeping of people’s hard earned money. With the formation of banks all the unsafe money providing schemes by local moneylenders have come to a halt. Khopoli town has got many nationalised and private banks branches with proper ATM facilities in some. Punjab National Bank, Union Bank, IDBI Bank, Bank of India and Central Bank are some of the well known Nationalised banks present in this area.

Few co-operative banks are also in operation over here namely, Kokan Mercantile Co Operative Bank Ltd and Punjab & Maharashtra Co Operative Bank Ltd especially for the rural people. These co-operative banks offer very low lending rate and also have got many money saving schemes. Many private players have also set up their bank brnaches for the residents of Khopoli, which offer full functional banking services along with 24x7 ATM facilities. Some of the private banks of Khopoli are, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank and ICICI Bank.

Transport Services in Khopoli

Khopoli is very well connected via road with all the major cities like Mumbai, Pune and Thane. Being a part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, Khopoli has got its fair share of developed infrastructure. The road network is very well maintained and National Highway 4 (NH4) passes through the town. Maharastra state transport buses travel everyday between Khopoli and Mumbai and can take about 1.5 hours to reach.

Many tourist taxis are available for a day’s trip or a weekend visit. Moreover, Khopoli has its own railway station which falls under the Mumbai Suburban Railway network. All through the day, local trains run between Mumbai and Khopoli. The distance by rail is around 115 kilo meters and the fare per person is as less as Rs 30/-.  There are many daily commuters who avail this service. Khopoli does not have its own air base. The nearest airports are at Pune (80kms) and Mumbai (85kms).

Fire Services in Khopoli

Khopoli being a small town under Raigad district falls under the administration of the Maharashtra Fire Service. There is only one fire station inside Khopoli with two fire engines. This station has got all modern fire control facilities to help the residents in case of any emergency service. The operations are centrally controlled and guided by the Maharashtra Fire Acts & Rules. The local municipality has arranged for few emergency vans to address any sudden emergency situations.

Media Services in Khopoli

In today’s world, media has become one of the most important medium of expression. The presence of media houses with their various activities make the residents aware of all activities happening towards growth of the place. The media presence is pretty good in Khopoli being a neighbouring town of Mumbai. All the English daily are available in various local shops inside the town. Many of the local Marathi news papers like Sakal, Loksatta and Lokmat are also available in Khopoli. There is no proper media house offices inside the town, but there is a presence of many advertising agencies. Xebec Communications, Alpha Creations, Komal Advertising, Singh Advertising etc. are some of the popular ad agencies of Khopoli.

Postal Services in Khopoli

Khopoli has got only one post office under its administrative jurisdiction. It is a sub-post office with small numbers of officials present, who handles only delivery of letters and parcels. The post boxes get cleared thrice weekly.

Telephone and Internet Services in Khopoli

The telephone service of Khopoli is a part of the the Maharashtra Telecom Circle of BSNL. The town has its own telephone exchange located at Yashwant Nagar beside the NH 4. The exchange caters to a wide range of telephone network for each household of the region along with high speed broadband service. There is a wide presence of local and STD PCOs across the town. Many private players like Airtel, Vodafone and Tata Photon are also providing telecom and internet services to the residents of this region. Few kiosks are present where payment and other customer care services are offered.

Khopoli Municipal Councils in Khopoli

The entire Khopoli region is under the able administration of its own Municipal Council, which is directly under the administration of Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA). The overall town planning, public works, sanitation and infrastructural development programs are looked after by the municipality. There is the central market developed by the municipality for the town residents, just beside the Bombay-Pune National Highway.

Various Other Day to Day Activity Services

There are local Cable TV operators, Computer Repair shops, Grocery and Provision stores, Cooking Gas agencies and Laundry services present inside Khopoli town for the common man’s daily household chores.

Entertainment Services in Khopoli

Khopoli has got varieties of entertainment facilities for the residents. The amusement park of Adlabs Imagica is probably the main attraction of the region. This 300 acres wonder park is full of surprises in the form of varied thrilling rides. For movie buffs, Khopoli has got few good theatres and multiplexes namely, Gold Digital Cinema, Samuel Cinema, Good Luck Talkies etc. where families and friends can go over the weekends to enjoy a blockbuster together with yummy snacks.

Due to the proximity to big cities, Khopoli has become a cosmopolitan town with almost all urban amenities. There are many multi cuisine restaurants, upmarket pubs and coffee shops present scattered across the town. Few recreational clubs like the Rotary Club and Khopoli Lions Club are present to entertain and provide leisure to the privileged class of the Khopoli society.

Charitable Services for Old and Under Privileged in Khopoli

There are many non government organisations (NGO) working as a voluntary association with the local government administration inside Khopoli and have devoted themselves in overall community development of the area. Kherwadi Social Welfare Association and Wartsila India Social Welfare are some of the dynamic social organisations who have put their focus in providing an equal opportunity life for all strata of people. Various vocational programs on literacy, poverty eradication programs etc. are being arranged by them to make these deprived people self sufficient.

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