Tourism in Khopoli

Tourism in KhopoliLocated at the south eastern border of the Raigad district of Maharashtra, a small industrial town Khopoli or Campolee, is a hotbed for regular stream of industrial visits by officials and corporate from various parts of India, due to presence of some big industries. But the town is placed amidst an amazing topography, which has made weekend trip to Khopoli from various parts of western India an equally important event. The Sahyadri Mountain range along with the Bor Ghat has made the place extremely rugged, which is combined with the underlying picturesque valley along with the huge water body.

The place is only 80 kilo meters from the India’s finance capital, Mumbai or Bombay and is well connected by the National Highway 4 (NH4) or the Mumbai - Pune - Bangalore highway. The approximate distance from Pune, Navi Mumbai and all major Maharashtra cities are less than 100 kilo meters from Khopoli and the town is very well connected with a network of roads. All these along with the tourism surprises have made the place quite popular for weekend trips among tourists. Although an industrial town, Khopoli has got many small natural and man made tourism delights which include majestic view points, beautiful temple structures, serene natural beauty of the Western Ghats and the huge theme park which is considered to be the best of India. Variety of hotels ranging from business hotels to luxury resorts are available for corporate and leisure tourists.

Places to see in Khopoli

Khopoli is a revitalizing breather for tourists who like to hit the road whenever they get free time. To run away from the hustle and bustle of the Mumbai city, one should hitch a hike to this small and quiet town. Although mainly industry centric region, Khopoli gives us a varied range of must see tourist spots. Tourism in KhopoliThe main thing which will catch one’s eye is the beautiful view of the Western Ghats. The long winding roads along the rough terrain of the Ghats amidst green nature, is a treat for road lovers.

There are many wonderful viewpoints in the region from where one can enjoy the panoramic view of the surrounding valley. Duke's Nose, Rajmachi Point, Tiger's Leap Point are the popular viewpoints of the region. These hill tops have well connected roads for cars, but a trek to these places can be refreshing as well as adventurous.

For tourists who are more interested in visiting temples and places of devotion, Khopoli gives you few important temple structures of the region. The most visited temples of the region is the Ashtavinayaka temples of Shri Ballaleshwar at Pali (38 kms.) and Shri Varad Vinayak at Madh (7 kms.) from the main town centre. These two temples are two of the eight Lord Ganesha temples of Maharashtra which are popular for pilgrimage. Every year during Ganapati Festival, thousands of devotees visit these temples and the whole temple structure gets decorated with garlands and vermillion.

Adventure lovers must visit Khopoli during the monsoon season when the nature is at its best. A trek through the amazing Western Ghat forest area to a full flowing Zenith Falls or to the Khandala Ghats are unforgettable experiences. Tourism in KhopoliA just 12 kilo meter from the main town is the beautiful Kalote Lake. This is a perfect place for a leisure family picnic and is often found crowded during weekends.

Another interesting place to visit is the recently added IMAGICA Theme Park on the Khopoli – Pali road. One can plan an all day program with various fun activities waiting for the tourists of all ages. This theme park is one of the best in the entire India.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Khopoli is during winter months which comprises of December – February. During this time this region is relatively dry and cool. Travellers are hereby informed that, if you plan to visit Khopoli during the remaining months, be prepared to face rainfall. Summers are not very torrid over here. It is best to avoid the Monsoon season, during which time trekking can be a bit risky. Again if you plan to see waterfalls, then monsoon is the best time to pay a visit. Umbrella and raincoats are a must and tourists may carry light woollen garments to avoid the sudden temperature drop in the evening.

Shopping Experience

If you are a shopaholic then it is best to avoid Khopoli, as there is nothing specific that can interest you. Due to rapid commercialisation, the place has got all amenities one can enjoy in a city life. There are few shopping malls present namely, Samuels Mall, Hamara Bajaj Bazaar, HM Super Market etc, where the residents can find all their daily requirements. There is nothing special to buy over here.

Food and Good Places to Stay

Khopoli offers a variety of cuisines including traditional Maharashtra food. Many restaurants who offer Chinese, Continental, North Indian, South Indian recipes are present. Many restaurants like The Imagica Capital, Park Inn Restaurant, Blossoms Restaurants etc. offer buffet lunch and dinner. There are many pizza delivery outlets and cafeteria for family and friends to enjoy a leisure evening. Some of the well known restaurants of Khopoli are, Robertos Food Coaster, Zeze Bar & Grill, Red Bonnet American Dinner, Flavours of Punjab etc.

There are many good places to stay which varies from luxury resorts to business hotels to normal deluxe and semi deluxe hotels. Rishivan Resort, Zara, Karnala Resorts and The Lagoona Resort are some of the most popular places among tourists.

How to Reach

Khopoli is very well connected by roads from Mumbai, Pune and Thane. The distance between these places are merely small and can be covered within 1to 2 hours by road and rail. A road drive to this industrial town with family can be a pleasing experience. Tourist cabs and taxis are also available for a day’s trip or a weekend visit. Khopoli has its own railway station which is connected to the Mumbai Suburban Railway network. Local trains run between Mumbai and Khopoli everyday at frequent time intervals. The nearest airports to Khopoli are at Pune (80kms) and Mumbai (85kms).

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