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Shopping Experience in KhopoliKhopoli is a small town placed at the south eastern border of the Raigad district, at the base of the Sahyadri Mountain near the Bor Pass. The uneven landscape of the region has made this place extremely desirable among tourists seeking adventure.

In general there is not much to see in this area as the place is mostly covered with big industrial plants. With tourism not getting a good bite into this region, not much of specialized shopping options are available. If you are a shopaholic tourist then it is best to avoid Khopoli. This town is popular for its natural beauty, other than that the place is a mini city with all urban amenities. The Maharashtra tourism sector is constantly trying to pull up these small places around Mumbai in terms of tourism, which has resulted in hotels and restaurants present here.

But tourists do not get satisfaction till they can carry some souvenir however small or insignificant that can be from any place they visit. This had led to formation of market places and departmental stores. Moreover, many people have relocated from various parts of India to Khopoli for job prospects. These employees have relocated with their families and settled in different pockets of the town. To meet with their daily necessities many shops are present selling a choice of essential items. Khopoli is basically a quiet town with not much to see.

But travellers can be located at numerous shopping hotspots, which are populated with stores, fast food joints and eateries. These pockets are present near most of the tourist spots. To be frank, there is nothing special to buy from Khopoli. There are many fresh vegetables and fruit markets from where reasonable price purchases can be done. Some of the local wooden furniture can be looked upon. There is specific ethnic design furniture which is quite popular among the city people. Many small shops are present which sell varied items like bags, junk jewellery, leather souvenirs and antiques. Leather hand crafted Kolhapuri chappals can be found in different attractive designs for both male and female.

Moreover, Khopoli having developed over the years and due to proximity with Mumbai city has got all the services of a city life. Few shopping malls are present inside the main town with varied stores under one roof. Samuels Mall, Hamara Bajaj Bazaar, HM Super Market etc are some of the main shopping arcades of the town. During weekends, residents of Khopoli are mostly found inside these AC shopping arcades enjoying a leisure time with their family and friends.

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