The Beautiful Kalote Lake

Kalote Lake

The Sahyadri Mountain of the Western Ghats has many natural surprises tucked inside its manifold rugged terrain. One of these surprises is the picturesque Kalote Lake, placed like a giant mirror at about 75 kilo meters away from Mumbai city of Maharashtra. This astonishingly clear lake is around 13 kilo meters away from the Khopoli main town and can be reached by taking a dirt road off the Mumbai- Pune Highway. The lake from the main highway is at a mere 2 kilo meters distance.

Kalote Lake is a naturally formed lake placed beside Mokashi village of the Khalapur Taluka of the Raigad district. This lake is the main water source for the entire region and is often visited by villagers. The lake is naturally formed and is stretched for quite a distance and there is a small dam beside it known as the ‘Kalote Dam’. This lake acts as a reservoir to the dam and helps in agricultural activities here. The lake is surrounded by small undulating hills from all sides. This place is a popular weekend picnic destination for people from Mumbai and Pune.

The tranquility of the lake mixed with the quiet nature around is a perfect place for nature lovers. This place acts a detoxification for city tourists. Lounging by the banks, while taking a sip in a cold beer and enjoying bird watching is a must experience for travelers. Many people enjoy camping on the banks of the huge lake. Camping at night with bonfire is often seen here, especially during the winters.

Summers are harsh in this region and are best to avoid, as the temperature in the afternoon can rise to almost 360 Celsius. The local administrative body have arranged for boating in the lake for travellers. This lazy boat ride is fun to do over here. Boat rides on the still and crystal clear lake amidst the serene nature is worth experiencing.

Beside the lake there are some small cottages for night stay, arranged by local resorts. These cottages have the basic amenities and tourists are warned not to expect any lavishness in the stay and food. Food available are generally local recipes and usually very spicy. For avid travellers, try to visit this place during the monsoons and enjoy the greenness to the fullest. Two nearby waterfalls also can be enjoyed during monsoons, where one has to trek along the undulating landscape from the Kalote Lake to reach. This journey is mesmerizing but at the same time can be tricky, due to the constant rainfall. Tourists are advised to wear light clothes during this visit and if plans are to visit the lake during monsoons, then do carry raincoats.

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