Food of Khopoli

Cuisine of Khopoli
Food is probably one of the most important things of our everyday life which is also required for our sustenance. To maintain a good and comfortable lifestyle one should earn adequate to have access to food materials.

The food habits of any place depend on the ecology of that area. India is a place of varied food habits which is unique for every state, based on the raw materials and spices availability in that region. An outing without any gastronomic indulgence is considered incomplete by people of any community.

When it comes to Khopoli, there is no special cuisine of the place. Being a small industrial town of Maharashtra, Khopoli gives you variety of Maharashtrian delicacies. Rice, Wheat, Jowar, Lentils and Eggplant are some of the staple diet of the Khopoli people. On a trip to this region tourists must try to take a sip of the local Marathi soup, Varanbhat which is made of green lentils. A Marathi Thali both vegetarian ( Jevanache Paan) and non vegetarian are must try for all whoever visits this place. Be prepared to enjoy a sumptuous Thali with chutneys, salads, Paatal Bhaji(vegetable curry), Paale Bhaji(leafy vegetables), Suki Bhaji, Usal (Sprouts), Masale Bhat (spicy rice dish), Amti (daal), non vegetarian curry, fried seafood, Panchamrit (sweet chutney with jaggery, tamarind and nuts) and variety of dried powders.

Tourists must try out local Koshimbeer which is basically raw salads comprising of tomatoes, cucumber and onions flavoured with peanuts and lemon or yogurt. Locals of Khopoli generally prefer vegetarian dishes, but due to influx of people from other states non vegetarian dishes are also found in local restaurants. Fish, Chicken and Mutton are savoured in various forms, while Pork and Beef are a strict no in this region. Ghee is used in abundance for making food in all household. Mattha or spiced buttermilk is a must after food as it helps in digestion. For those who have sweet tooth, please try Shrikhand, Modak, Jalebi and Puranpoli. Kokum juice is also found in abundance over here.

For evening snacks visitors can get a taste of yummy Vada Pav, Misal Pav, Onion fries, Chivda, Poha, Matar Usal Pav, Pav Bhaji and many more. These are available at every nook and corner of the town.

Many new plants have come up which in turn has created job scope. This has led to huge influx of workers, professionals and businessmen from various parts of the country to this place. With varied population many local restaurants are serving different cuisines. New multi cuisine restaurants have been set up to cater to the outsiders. It has become easier these days to find eateries serving the likes of Gujrati, Punjabi, Chinese and South Indian dishes. Moreover, to cater to the young crowd many Pizza parlours, coffee shops and other eateries have grown up in this region.

Some of the renowned restaurants of Khopoli one can try out while on a trip to this place are, The Imagica Capital, Robertos Food Coaster, Zeze Bar & Grill, Hotel Sanket, Kshudha Shanti Bhavan etc.

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