Entertainment and Nightlife in Khopoli

Khopoli or Campolee, a small industrial town at the south eastern corner of the Raigad district of Maharashtra is a place for corporate who are generally on any industrial plant visit. The town has got restricted options of entertainment for the residents, while nature lovers can enjoy the beautiful and interesting topography surrounding the place. The rugged terrain of the Bor Ghat and the beautiful valley below combined with the huge water body, has made the place picturesque for travellers.

On a visit to this place one must not miss a visit to the amazing Adlabs IMAGICA amusement park. Situated on the Mumbai - Pune Expressway adjacent to Khopoli main town is this 300 acres wonder park which is a complete entertainment package. Tourists can enjoy various thrilling rides, fine dining, shopping, star category accommodation and much more. Visitors come from all parts of Maharashtra and India to Khopoli to enjoy this exhilarating experience. Bus services are available from Khopoli town centre to this amusement park against a cost.

Entertainment and Nightlife in KhopoliFor movie buffs, Khopoli has got few good theatres and multiplexes where families and friends can go over the weekends to enjoy a blockbuster together with some snacks, popcorns and cold drinks.

Some of these well known movie halls of the region are, Gold Digital Cinema, Samuel Cinema, Good Luck Talkies etc. Gold Digital Cinema offers the locals with multiplex experience along with digital sound system and well maintained seats. All these movie theatres offer English, Hindi blockbusters along with local Marathi films. Khopoli also has many formatted shopping malls for the local shopaholics. These malls hold a plethora of stores which offer varied products that match our present fashion and designs. Other than goods stores there are food courts and coffee hangouts inside these shopping areas for people to enjoy a leisure evening with their loved ones.

There are many restaurants in the town which offer both traditional Marathi as well as other cuisines to savour the taste buds of the food lovers. When it comes to nightlife, Khopoli hardly has many options.

Due to the exposure of nearby cosmopolitan cities many small pubs and bars are in operation in the region which offers liquor and alcohol of various brands and prices. Entertainment and Nightlife in KhopoliThe lounge bars like Zeze Bar & Grill, Red Tomato and the Empty Mug are some of the standard pubs for entertainment of the upper strata of the society. Many small shady bars are also present for residents with lower budget. For the privileged class of the Khopoli society there are recreational clubs like the Rotary Club and Khopoli Lions Club, where one can spend evenings and weekends playing games, hitting in house gymnasiums or swimming.

To sum up, the people of Khopoli have learned to enjoy themselves during their leisure times and has adapted to the modern city culture. However very limited options still prevails in this small town and entertainment avenues are still a far cry in offering in comparison to bigger cities. Beyond midnight, the place still has almost no scopes of nightlife excitements for the locals.

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